The Speaker Series

An Exciting Cast of Marine Experts Celebrates Dolphins

MacGillivray Freeman Films is excited to extend the learning experience of Dolphins by encouraging theatres and institutions showing the film to schedule speaking engagements with some of the most renowned marine enthusiasts—scientists, artists, filmmakers, conservationists—in the country. These ocean experts are eager to share their stories with audiences and to help celebrate the premiere of Dolphins

Please check the listings of your local IMAX® theatre for possible appearances, or we encourage you to explore the work of these fascinating people on your own!

Alejandro Acevedo - Dolphin Scientist featured in Dolphins

Dean Bernal - Marine Naturalist and Conservationist featured in Dolphins

Tim Cahill - Adventure Writer

Jennifer Carter - Underwater Explorer & Filmmaker

Eugenie Clark - Marine Biologist

Kathleen Dudzinski - Dolphin Scientist featured in Dolphins

Jean-Michel Cousteau - Marine Conservationist

Sylvia Earle - Marine Biologist & Deep-Sea Explorer

Richard Ellis - Marine Artist, Author & Adventurer

Louis Herman - Marine Biologist

Chris Newbert & Birgitte Wilms - Marine Photographers

Roger Payne - Marine Biologist

Carl Safina - Marine Biologist & Conservationist

Jim Stewart - Scientific Diving Pioneer

Bob Talbot - Marine Life Photographer/Cinematographer

Stan Waterman - Marine Explorer & Cinematographer

Randy Wells - Marine Biologist and Conservationist

Bernd Würsig - Dolphin Scientist featured in Dolphins

Wyland - Marine Life Artist

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